Designing a 3500 square foot contemporary LakeHouse with surrounding garden and outdoor firepit area.


“My goal when designing the Lakehouse was to create an inspiring open plan living space that connected the interior with the natural environment. A retreat that felt like an exclusive spa, somewhere to escape the intense energy of Manhattan and connect back with nature. When designing and building this house I was definitely influenced by my time in Australia, which truly celebrates open plan ‘indoor/outdoor’ living, and the time I’ve spent in Indonesia at exclusive spa resorts. I used as many natural materials as possible to make a contemporary space feel warm, inviting and intimate I also designed a lot of the furniture featured  in the space like the dining table, day bed, coffee table and all cabinetry.” James Houston


 “James Houston is an incredible design impresario. The contemporary lake house he created is a masterpiece where design, space, light and the relationship between indoor and outdoor live in harmony with one another.   Besides the flawless aesthetic, he brings practicality and well thought out function to the home appealing to all senses, allowing you to celebrate the experience with what you touch, taste, see, feel and hear.” – Colin Cowie –


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