JHD Team

James Houston Founder, Managing Director

After a photographic and directing career spanning over twenty five years and discovering his passion for interior design Houston decided to launch James Houston Design (JHD).

JHD has made it possible to showcase and offer for sale his photographic work worldwide and to continue to allow these images to help raise funds and awareness for the various causes he supports.

Award winning Houston was born in Sydney Australia and has travelled the world living and photographing in Asia, Europe, Africa and recently the U.S. Houston became one of the top photographers in Australia and left in 1999 to pursue an international career.

After recently shooting his fifth published book Natural Beauty (which incorporated a lot of natural textures and landscapes) and building a stunning Lake House in upstate New York Houston discovered his passion for nature and interiors. This inspiration has now become a vision for a whole range of stunning image inspired products to allow people to bring beauty into their environments.

Houston is a highly respected artist and has project managed numerous international community projects as well as building a successful international career as a photographer and director. Over the last few years Houston has been working towards launching James Houston Design and is excited to see this vision become a reality. He lives in Brooklyn NY with his partner and dog Hannah.

Michael Dimopoulos Co-Founder, Head of Operations and Sales

After working in the corporate arena for over three decades, successfully launching and operating two start-up companies in Australia, Michael decided to explore his passion for creativity and the opportunity to experience living abroad.

Having known James as a personal friend for over 20 years Michael has always respected James’ extraordinary talent, inspiration, ethics, flair for interior design and his relentless commitment and passion for community awareness.

The synergies of James’ vision and Michael’s ability to build an extraordinary company from the ground up to showcase James’ work to the world, presented itself at a perfect time.

Michael has always established himself in an organisation to lead by example and proactively build a dynamic team achieving successful outcomes. His experience of over 20 years successfully working with some of Australia’s largest corporate clients and building his own companies ads valuable experience to the James Houston Design vision.