“James, you’re a hero for doing this.” Sir Elton John speaking at the MOVE FOR AIDS event in Sydney, 2006.

The MOVE FOR AIDS project was launched in New York, London and Sydney in 2006 and consisted of a photographic book and exhibition of leading New York dancers that I photographed.

Through the launches, exhibitions, and book sales, the project raised close to US$500,000 for various HIV/AIDS charities. The success of the project, backed by high profile entertainers such as Elton John and Hugh Jackman, really inspired me to believe I could create a community project at that level and really make a difference.

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“I applaud, wholeheartedly, what james is venturing to do with this book. i am honored to be contributing to this project.”Hugh Jackman
“james had a big idea. his energy was contagious; i was literally moved by his desire to communicate. i love mavericks. i’m attracted to them. that’s why i love this move project.”Elle Macpherson