Since 1999 I have been working on passion projects to raise awareness and funds for causes I care about. From HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer to the Adolescent Sexual Health Crisis facing U.S. Teens today and Global Greens Environmental mission. I have always felt the need to give back and use my vision and talents to create community projects. 

I decided to launch this site and allow selected series to continue to benefit the causes by donating 20% of the profits of those images sold. You will see the relevant cause listed under the select images. 

By purchasing a James Houston Design print you are not only buying a beautiful piece of art that will transform your space but also supporting my mission to give back and make a difference. 

Thank you for your support. 


James has a way of capturing the awesomeness of the yogic body. Yet there is much more to his images than sheer physical force and surface beauty... there is an underlying current of the connectedness of physical, mental, and spiritual, and I think that is what is so breathtaking about his portraits. Christy Turlington

For the ONE Project Houston shot a series of the worlds leading yoga instructors and some amazing students including Christy Turlington. The book and exhibition was created to raise funds and awareness for The National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia.



James, you’re a hero for doing this. Sir Elton John speaking at the MOVE FOR AIDS event in Sydney, 2006.

For the MOVE FOR AIDS project Houston shot fifty of New York’s leading dancers and acrobats. The photographic book and exhibition was launched in New York, London and Sydney in 2006.

Through the launches, exhibitions, and book sales, the project raised close to US$500,000 for various HIV/AIDS charities. The success of the project, backed by high profile entertainers such as Elton John and Hugh Jackman, inspired Houston to believe he could create large community projects that could make a real difference.



Whether you have children, teach children, or are around children AT ALL…this movie is a must see. Hugh Jackman.

Following the launch of MOVE FOR AIDS Houston was shocked by the U.S attitudes towards adolescent sexuality and how these attitudes impact today’s teens. Houston was inspired to raise funds and direct his first award winning documentary feature film LETS TALK ABOUT SEX, which was aired on TLC in 2011. The film is now used as a valuable educational tool by organizations across the U.S.



In his photography, James Houston created a dialogue between the beauty of the human body and the changing forms of nature. Colour and shapes meet in an almost sensorial experience. You can feel the heat and the touch just from looking at the images. Stefano Tonchi, Editor in chief, W Magazine.

In April 2013, during Earth Week, Houston’s latest multimedia project, Natural Beauty, was launched in New York at MILK Gallery to bring awareness to environmental issues and to raise funds for non-profit, Global Green USA.